Best day ever!

ImageI was a few minutes late picking up Beau from school today.  When I pulled up, I found him standing on the sidewalk with his teacher, Mrs. Long.  The two have been friends for a long time.  In fact, Mrs. Long (better known as Erin) was one of Beau’s first babysitters and Beau was the ring bearer in her wedding.  It has been by the grace of God that Beau was placed in her class this year.  And even with such a rich history between Erin and us, I still worry about him when he is at school.  I worry that he’s happy.  I worry that he’ll make new friends.  I worry that he’ll do his work and be a good listener and wait his turn.  So as I pulled up today and found the two of them hugging on the sidewalk, my heart sank for a moment because I was afraid it had been a bad day.  I quickly parked and met them on the sidewalk.  

“Beau, tell mama about your day.”  Mrs. Long said

After a long pause, Beau spoke.  “Best day ever!”

Mrs. Long concurred.  “It was the best day ever!”

I can honestly say, I will never tire of hearing that phrase.

I have such a deep appreciation for special education teachers and all that they do to enrich our children’s lives.  For while we parents are charged with taking care of our children in good times and in bad, special education teachers have made THE CHOICE to do this.  I have no doubt that it is one of the toughest jobs a person could love.

Anatole France once said, “Nine-tenths of education is encouragement.”

Thank you Mrs. Long for the lessons and the hugs and especially the encouragement.  It was the best day ever!


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  1. I am Rachel Luyben’s dad and Alison’s ‘papa’. Your heart sinking wondering about what kind of day Beau had touched me, as I know there are too many times Rachel has had that same question about Ali’s day. What a great outcome for you both. Mrs. Long…. “priceless”.
    Papa Jim

  2. So beautifully written! I believe when we match our God given gifts with a God given passion great things can happen that none of us could possibly imagine or understand fully! All we can do is bow our head and say Thank You, Lord! Praising God for Mrs. Long (sweet Erin) and for all those called to teach God’s children!

  3. WOW….Amy. You made my night. It is always nice to hear people say good things about someone teaching special education…..but when a parent affirms there happiness and joy like you just have it fills my heart more than you can imagine! Love you all so much!


  4. Such a beautiful entry Amy. My daughter is beginning her senior year, studying special ed at Ball State. I am so proud of her and know she’ll give other mothers joy like Mrs. Long gives you!

  5. I absolutely adore this post. I am going to “borrow” that sentence from Ben. I hope he won’t mind. And, when I say it about my day, it will be a special prayer going up for him as well as Mrs. Long!

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