Happy Birthday, Bitty!

ImageThree years ago today, our sweet Bitty was born into this world.   And while we celebrate this day as her birth, Ben and I believe that her life began 9 months before that.  It was a complicated pregnancy with the odds stacked against us.  From early on, doctors gave her a 25% chance of surviving the pregnancy.  Week after week, we monitored the growth of a cystic hygroma that was threatening her survival.  We were overwhelmed with worry, but we never lost hope.  We prayed.  Our family and friends prayed.  Our community prayed.  Week after week we watched the cystic hygroma grow bigger and bigger…and then one day it began to shrink.  I get goose bumps writing this, because, it truly was a miracle. 

I share this because I hope that it will inspire just one reader to never give up hope, especially on a child.  I understand how scary a diagnosis can be and how the medical community is obligated to run worst case scenarios, but I’m here to tell you that in spite of those scenarios, every life is worth praying for.

Today Bitty is a healthy and very happy little girl.  She has brought so much joy into our lives and into this world.   I can’t imagine our family without her.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, sweet Bitty!  We thank God for trusting us with your precious life.


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