First day of school

ImageBetween our four children, we have had over 30 first days of school.  Lots of excitement, tears, worry, joy and anticipation…  for me, of course.  And with the exception of once or twice, I would say that the kids have always been happy to start school.  Today was no exception for Bitty.  Afterall, we’ve been pumping her up all weekend with the excitement of starting school and having a teacher. 

“Teacher” is a new word for her, largely in thanks to Beau’s efforts repeatedly drilling her on it.

So off she went this morning…with a backpack half her size and a smile that is sure to warm her teacher’s heart.  First stop in the new classroom… washing hands…one of her favorite things to do. 

As I drove home, I couldn’t help but think about the children throughout our world living with intellectual disabilities that never have the opportunity to go to school.  The ones that are marginalized or institutionalized.   The ones who are discounted and sometimes forgotten.  And while our nation still has a long way to go with providing equal opportunities and respect for all of our citizens, I am encouraged that we are leaders in the world for positive change.  For believing that every child has potential and every child is worth the investment. 

Once again, I’m filled with excitement, tears, worry, joy and anticipation for this new beginning.  So proud of our Bitty and so grateful we live in a nation where she has the opportunity to grow and learn and be all she can be. 


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