LeAnne knows Beau

I Know Beau- I love this title for many reasons; not just because I’m fortunate enough to call Beau my friend, but because I get to really think about what I “know” for sure about him.

Beau has been a family friend since his birth- actually longer. Even before he was born, my family (including my daughters who are good friends with Beau’s sisters) looked forward to his arrival with joy, anticipation, and hope that he could hold his own among lots of little girls.

Once he was born, he proved that he could hold his own and teach us a few things in the process. Things we couldn’t learn any other way but through experience. 

What we’ve experienced with Beau is, in most ways, typical of all 8 year old boys: he makes us laugh, is “active,” and cute as can be. He loves his sisters and wants to be with them all the time-even when other teenage girls are over and they escape to do teenage things. He teaches his little sister words, loves football and enjoys a good hot dog.

Not everything about Beau is typical, however, and these are the things for which I’m most grateful. Beau will always be real- he is always honest (through the good and the bad) and means it when he loves you or gives you a hug. He appreciates things and people just as they are. He has nothing to prove. He laughs easily. He doesn’t treat people differently based on appearance. He brings joy. 

I could spend a lifetime “telling” my children to look beyond appearances, to be open to others who seem different, and to seek out these qualities in all people. Knowing Beau brings these truths to life and we are blessed in the process.


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