Denise knows Beau


I know Beau because I started a Challenger Division for Coastal Pop Warner Football and Cheer this season.  I saw the program in Raleigh and Charlotte and wanted to make a difference to the special children in our community.  I did not realize how much meeting Beau and his friends would make a difference to me and the other volunteers.

Beau’s family was excited about the program from the beginning and I worried it wouldn’t be enough or that I would do something wrong.  But Beau comes to the field every Saturday lighting up the world and making my day.  It is amazing to watch him take control of all of us, the Hoggard High School Football players who come to volunteer, the other children and myself.  He has a presence that commands attention and respect.  At the same time, he makes us laugh and reminds us of the important things in life; friendships-when he greets all of us like we are his best friend and shares stories and songs from his favorite movie; laughter-like when he “tackles” the high school volunteers or randomly asks their names and then proceeds to give them a new name; and love-the hugs goodbye to everyone he can reach before we leave the field and cheering on his other friends when they do something well. 

I feel so blessed to have met Beau just a few weeks ago and I am thankful that his parents are sharing him with us.  I pray that they continue to let him be a part of this program so that he can continue touch our hearts and make our world a better place.


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