Catherine knows Beau

ImageI know Beau.  How fortunate am I to say that.  From the day he was born, I knew he had a special purpose.  First of all, look at his parents.  What amazing gifts they both possess:  Ben with his beautiful voice, kind eyes and thoughtful words, and Amy with her beautiful voice, graceful demeanor and ability to accomplish what seems impossible.   There was no doubt that this boy was going to be something extraordinary.  I could have never imagined that he would be as spectacular as he has become. 

Moments with Beau stand still, like those childhood memories that resurface at significant times in life.  He lives in the moment, and he takes you there with him.  Whether he is lying at the edge of the water at the beach, tap dancing, having a tea party, or letting the wind from the bouncy house fan blow through his hair, he is the epitome of joy, and if you want to go on those journeys with him, he will take you there.  Here are just 3 of the many things I know and love about Beau.

Like no other person, Beau loves the beach.  The sensation of sand, wind and water has never been enjoyed more by one person on this earth, I’m sure of it.  From the time he gets onto the beach, until the moment it is time leave, Beau is covered from head to toe, immersed in it. He has to be reminded to eat and drink because he is so possessed by the elements.  If you join him, you are right there with him, covered, immersed, charmed by his passion and joy.

Beau has a signature move.  Anyone that knows Beau, has seen him dance, and he has a some great moves.  His signature move is a free spin with arms going to the music, tap shoes optional, of course.  When I see anyone else do this move, I think of Beau.  What a thrill it is to watch him in action.  He fills the room with the type of joy that you feel on special occasions, but it’s all in a day for Beau. 

I spent a summer in Wilmington with my two boys, and the playdates that we had with Beau will go down in history.  Lucas, the younger of my 2 boys, was in love with his little play mat at the time.  We were staying in my father in law’s house that was pretty empty, so the boys had a lot of space to enjoy.  We spent hours pretending that Lucas’ play mat was an island and crocodiles were surrounding us, and the only way out was jumping on lily pads.  Our game was epic, and it never grew old.  Even now, years since that summer, every time I see Beau he asks about Lucas’ island and our adventures.

I could go on and on, but these are a few of the things that I adore about Beau.  Just like his parents, he possesses amazing gifts.  Like Ben, he has a way of making you feel special with his kind eyes and thoughtful words.  Like Amy, he accomplishes things that seem impossible.  The way he lives in each moment is contagious.  That’s why I feel so blessed to say that “I know Beau.”


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