Bethany knows Beau

I have thought all weekend about all the many wonderful stories I have to share about Beau and to figure out how to narrow it down seems impossible! I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to be Beau’s teacher…to be able to get to know him so well and become one of the fortunate people that Beau loved and trusted! Every day was a fun, exciting day filled with laughter! He always came in with such a sweet spirit about him…greeting every person along the way.  I loved sharing in the joys of his success when he would finish his work and feel so proud of himself…when he would ALWAYS comfort a friend who was sad…when he would run errands around the school with independence (smiling from ear to ear when he came back and saying “I did it Mrs. Nay!”)…and one of my favorite things was that every Monday morning when I would ask each of my students if they had a fun weekend and to share one thing they did…Beau was one of the only students to then ask me “Did you have a good weekend Mrs. Nay?”…and always followed up with “Did Cambell have fun this weekend, too?”. Beau has such a caring heart and genuine spirit!  He loved his teachers and friends and always made them feel special!  Thinking back on all the funny, cute things Beau would say and do makes me wish I had kept a journal…to be able to remember all these things that made teaching him so much fun!!  We all miss him so much at Winter Park!!!


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