Remembering my Mother


64 years ago today, the most incredible woman I have ever known was born into this world.    She was the embodiment of selfless love.  The proud mother of five children, she devoted her life to raising a family.  Intelligent, funny, creative and compassionate this woman had no idea how special she was and yet, those defining characteristics shaped me into who I am today.  This woman made me believe I could do anything, and become anything…a writer, an actress, a teacher, an advocate and most importantly, a mother.  Because of her strong example, my decision to become a mother became the centerpiece of my life.   She inspired and encouraged me at every turn.  She will always be a source of comfort and support in times of celebration and sadness.  She is my mother.

Sadly, my mom passed away a little over three years ago and my heart still hurts.   Time does not heal, it just helps. 

One of the things I loved the most about my mom, were the conversations we shared.  She was a wonderful listener and always had good advice to share.  I remember one of the last conversations I had with my mom before she died….

I was just a few weeks pregnant with Bitty.  At the time, Ben and I did not know that Bitty, like Beau, had Down syndrome.  I remember my mom saying that she hoped the baby we were expecting would also have Down syndrome, so that Beau would always have a best friend by his side. 


Bitty was born 5 months after my mom passed away.  And just like my mother had hoped, Bitty was born with Down syndrome.  While mom wasn’t here on earth to welcome Bitty, into this world, she was with us in spirit.

Today, I celebrate my mother’s birthday by remembering all of wonderful moments we shared together and the many conversations I will never forget.



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  1. Amy, your Mom was such a wonderful, caring, beautiful woman. I think of her fondly and often. So many memories of the shore, summers spent at your parents house as we grew up and the compassion and love she shared with everyone.

    Your memories of her are special and beautiful and I’m glad to have known her.

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