Our sweet Lillie


It was an unseasonably hot and humid November day in 1998 and Ben and I were poised and ready to become parents.  The nursery was ready, car seat installed and we had read and re-read “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” no less than 10 times, but nothing could prepare us for the miracle we were about to welcome into this world.  

In the first few moments of her life, Ben & I knew that the little girl we had been blessed with was a very special child.  Fragile and fiercely determined to fight for her first breath, we instantly knew what it felt like to have our hearts walk around outside our bodies.   As the doctor placed our new daughter in my arms, the world stopped and yet our lives had truly just began.

It’s hard to believe that fourteen years have passed since Lillie was born and yet there are qualities about Lillie that make you feel like she’s been here much longer.  A devoted follower, Lillie’s faith influences every aspect of her life.  Her compassion for those in need, convictions for what she believes in and capacity to care for others have already made an impact in this world.  She has a heart for those who struggle and a desire to help them know their worth.  Aside from all of the other wonderful qualities she has been blessed with, I believe the way she treats others is her greatest gift.

Happy Birthday, Lillie.  We could not be more proud of the lovely young lady you have become and the way you have demonstrated love and grace to every life you have touched. 

We love you.


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