$4 Slinky


Beau asks for very little in life. To Beau, moments matter more than material possessions.  He loves playing hide and seek, dancing with his sisters and taking very long showers.  So when he recently became fixated on owning a collection of Toy Story toys, I couldn’t resist jumping in the car and heading straight to Toys R Us. 

The car ride was rich with conversation about how he couldn’t wait to get there and he must have thanked me no less than 10 times for taking him.  With a proud refusal to ride in the shopping cart, Beau and I marched into the store like the king and queen of the prom.  The wonder and excitement of aisle after aisle of new toys was not lost on my little guy.  While he was clearly on a mission to find “Woody” and friends, he enjoyed each and every toy he encountered…sitting and talking to “Super Grover”, watching the penguin from Happy Feet tap his toes, making the dinosaur roar and laughing with one of his favorite Madagascar 3 characters, “Alex”.

When we finally arrived at the Toy Story display, my heart sank.  The inventory was sub-par and I was sure we were about to have a melt down.  But Beau was hardly disappointed. In that moment, it became clear to me that this trip to Toys R Us was not really about bringing home something new, but rather enjoying what we already had….each other. 

Tonight, my mind is whirling with memories we made today.   Watching Beau move from one toy to another, laughing and engaging them as if they were old friends is something I will never forget.  And perhaps most interesting of all, the only toy Beau asked to bring home was a four dollar slinky. 


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  1. Dear Amy and Ben:

    We’re old friends of your dad and mom, Amy, and have become aware of your “It Starts with a Voice” project through your dad’s Christmas letter. Not having an email address or cell # for your dad, I sent a Christmas note last week asking him to email or call me. However, perhaps he hasn’t been home for the holidays.

    We loved the music video and your blogs. I am interested in making a year-end donation to your cause, perhaps as much as $5,000.00, if you can tell me how it would be used. And assuming that you have a non-profit designation. But we need to move quickly in order to cut a check before year’s end.

    This donation would be made through my company, ExerPlay, Inc. (www.exerplay.com). which tries to reach out to all children with our inclusive playgrounds.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Farrell & Diane Smith
    1917 E. Manhatton Dr.
    Tempe, AZ 85282

    Cell # (505) 239-4268

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