10 Things I Love About Beau

ImageHe loves to dance like no one’s watching

He wishes you “Happy Birthday” no less than 50 times on your birthday

He always greets you when you walk in the door with the excitement of Christmas morning…even if you’ve only been gone 20 minutes.

He loves the water…ocean, pool, shower, bathtub and garden hose

He’s never met a stranger and will initiate conversation with everyone he encounters

He deeply loves his friends and always checks on them when they feel sad

His laughter is contagious

He loves to go to restaurants and order his own food

He remembers things I have long forgotten

He is at peace with the world


4 responses

  1. I love this! My son who has DS is only 17 months old and we already see such loving and lovely qualities about him. I so look forward to watching his life unfold. LOVE your blog!

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