Rolling  . . . Speed . . . Action . . .

From across a field of tall grass, I watch as Beau holds tightly to Jacob’s hand and the two boys run downhill.  It’s clearly a struggle for Beau as he navigates the hilly terrain and he relies on Jacob’s sure footedness to get him from point A to point B.  Beau slips and Jacob is quick to help him back up.  I can faintly hear the boys exchange dialogue and I marvel at how Beau seems so in the moment.  It’s Beau’s first day on the set filming the movie, “Little Accidents” and I find myself feeling overwhelmed with emotion. 

From the moment Beau came into this world, we knew he was extra special . . and not just because of his extra 21st chromosome.  For Beau, having Down syndrome is sort of like having a “super power”.  A power that was given to him by God and intended to show the world that people living with intellectual disabilities are capable of accomplishing whatever they set their minds to.  

Beau uses this “super power” on a daily basis and when he does, it transforms even the most skeptical mind.  Whether he’s running the 50m dash at the Special Olympics, singing a solo on the community theatre stage or even ordering his own food at a restaurant, Beau is constantly proving that he is capable and determined to achieve.

Today, I stood in amazement watching my son – a boy that was born blind and wore leg braces for years– run across a field on a movie set with purpose and grit.   As the cameras rolled, I felt the world poised to watch a little boy exercise his “super powers” once again and change people’s perceptions. 


5 responses

  1. We lost our little 9 year old 5 months ago. He also had super powers. Although he was so much less able bodied than Beau, he had the ability to instantly win the hearts and minds of anyone he met. We miss him everyday. Thank you for sharing Beau’s adventures. It is what we would have wanted Christopher to experience. Hopefully he is having that fun up in heaven!

  2. You show’em “Super Beau”!! Show the world how AWESOME you are and all of the amazing “super powers” that the Lord blessed you with!! Much love to you!!

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