Tutus & Tap Shoes


She stood in a sea of tutus surrounded by little girls that could twirl faster and jump higher.  Dressed in her powder blue, Bitty was about to take a rite of passage – she was about to make her debut in her first dance class.

It wasn’t long ago that I stood and watched my two oldest daughters, Lillie and Emma Grace, take their first dance class.  I remember welling up with tears as I witnessed them discover how graceful and beautiful they were, while dancing like no one was watching.  There’s something about dancing that makes little girls feel special and something magical that happens when you add tutus and tap shoes to the equation.

And today was magical.

ImageAs the mother of two children with special needs, magical moments are constantly swirling about me.  These moments happen from the second my feet hit the floor in the morning and they sustain me until I fall asleep at night.  They are the moments that remind me of what life is all about.  Most of these moments bring joy and happiness, but these moments have also tried and tested me.  Regardless, they are the moments that reveal what is most important in life – love.

ImageToday, as I stood there watching my baby girl spin, clap, twirl and tap, the magic was much more than the precious tutu she was wearing. The magic of the moment was the love that was surrounding Bitty as she tested her wings to fly.

It was Mrs. Shannon, her dance teacher and one of my best friends, who has loved her from the moment she came into this world and has been waiting for this day just like me.

ImageIt was her preschool teachers, the same women that prayed for our family when I was pregnant with Bitty and facing complications – clapping and cheering for her as she put on her tutu.

ImageIt was her peers, the sweet little girls and boys that treat her just like they treat everyone else.

And it was her daddy, the man that will always be her biggest fan, who took time out of his busy day to come watch his little girl dance.

Pure magic . . .



Happy “Everyone Deserves a Chance” Day

Labor Day is more than picnics and parades.


It’s a national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.


As a tribute to the employees of Dye Creek Capital, Ben & I will continue to advocate and encourage other businesses to hire people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.


We believe everyone deserves a chance.