Special Olympics 2014 – Wilmington, NC

Our 13 year old daughter, Emma Grace, has been blessed with many talents – one of which is creating beautiful videos that capture some of life’s best moments. I think what makes each of her projects so special is the way that she tells a story. As one of Beau and Bitty’s big sisters, she knows how to watch for the little moments – after all, those are the moments that matter the most. Learn more about her company, Little Peanut Pictures by visiting her on FB. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Little-Peanut-Pictures/1392459064329990


One response

  1. Congratulations, Emma Grace, for using your photographic abilities to capture the moments which will be lifelong treasures for those who are lucky enough to have found out about your business! They say that when depressions and recessions occur, one business that never fails to continue is photography. People don’t won’t to forget the highlights of their family’s lives, or their own. Good for you, girl!! Talent, ambition and a smart niche! Please send our love to your family! Mrs. Royal


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