Beau on the fashion runway!


Look what happens when we invite people with different abilities

to step into the spotlight and shine on the fashion runway…pure magic!  

So excited to share the “I Am Beautiful” Fashion Show featuring our little guy, Beau.

Music video created by our daughter, Emma Grace at Little Peanut Pictures. 


5 responses

  1. Oh Amy! What a handsome, debonaire young man! When does his movie come out? I can’t wait! We are so happy for Beau and amazed at your terrific ideas for encouraging each of your children in their talents.

    And the music by Emma Grace is not only perfectly suited to the rhythm and flare of the fashion show, but is also great listening. Love the words! She needs to be thinking scholarship to Berklee School of Music. Andrew is finishing up there this summer and loves it.

    We were wondering if y’all are ready for a new artist to have their work fill those stately shelves? You have been so generous to allow us the privilege of being there for such a nice long time, but perhaps it’s time for us to come and pick them up so another artist can have the same chance. We’d love the chance to see y’all again anyway, and this time let us take y’all out to dinner! We’d love to catch up with all of you! You tell us what a good day is for you this month or next. Love, Helen


    • Helen, you are so kind and eloquent with your words. Thank you for following our journey and for supporting each and every endeavor. We would love to see you all again and will be around most of the summer. I hope you will allow us to continue displaying Christian’s beautiful works of art here at Dye Creek. It’s one the things we are most proud to share with our clients and our community. Everyone LOVES learning about Christian and we feel his work brings more meaning to what we’re doing here, too. So please, allow us to continue displaying/selling Christian Royal Pottery:) It is both an honor and a privilege to be trusted with his work. Hope you all are having a great summer. We can’t wait to catch up one day soon! Just let us know what works for your schedule. xxoo Amy

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