Beau & Bitty

Beau & Bitty have Down syndrome.

They also have a big sister that is determined to show the world how awesome they are!

This 76 second video may change what you think you know about Down syndrome.

Click on the photo below to watch pure joy!

Here’s the link just in case…

Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 4.42.48 PMVideo created by our 14 year old daughter, Emma Grace Wright at Little Peanut Pictures.



Twas’ the Night Before Christmas

 DSC_0103Twas’ the night before Christmas with Bitty and Beau

Dressed in their jammies from head to their toe

Their smiles were glowing, their faces were bright

They’d waited all year for this most special night

Their joy was contagious, their spirits were high

They hoped for a visit from one special guy

The air was electric, the lights were a glow

Our kids were all ready for Santa to show

And then something happened without any warning

Their smiles they grew larger than Christmas morning

They rushed down the stair and jumped high with great joy

As if they’d received just the very best toy

Their faces were glowing, their arms opened wide

To greet the big man that had just stepped inside

His eyes welled with tears as I’d seen times before

In fact every time he walked through our front door

He scooped them both up and held them so near

And then Beau exclaimed, “Dad, I’m so glad you’re here”

I’d seen this before, but it still made me pause

They knew Daddy’s love was much better than “Claus”

With hearts filled with love there’s just one thing to say

With our Beau & Bitty, each day’s Christmas Day.