Beau’s Red Carpet Premiere of LITTLE ACCIDENTS

www.kmiphotography.comA hush washed over the cinema lobby.

Sandwiched in between hundreds of people, I found myself panning the crowd taking in the palpable excitement in the air.

www.kmiphotography.comWith reporters and cameras poised and a red carpet unfurled, we were ready for this moment – a moment that began nearly two years ago when we first received the call that changed the course of Beau’s life, as we learned he had been cast in the film, LITTLE ACCIDENTS.

What has unfolded since that day has brought Beau more happiness, confidence and affirmation than most of us experience in a lifetime.

Not only did he realize his potential as an actor, he carved out a place for himself in the world and in doing so found an identity that made him feel incredibly proud.

He had become a “star”.

STAR: An object when placed in a certain position can influence people’s lives.

 As the crowd erupted with applause, Beau took his place on the red carpet and owned every word of that definition.

For the next few hours, Beau posed for pictures, shook hands, shared hugs, answered reporter’s questions, signed autographs and thanked every one of his guests for being a part of his special day.

 The icing on the cake came the next day in a Wall Street Journal review of the film which said,

“Another stellar performance comes from Beau Wright, who has Down Syndrome, as Lofland’s little brother, James.”

LITTLEACCIDENTS-articleLarge Reading the words stellar and Down syndrome in the same sentence is exactly the kind of influence our “star” was making in this world!


Watch WECT News coverage of the Beau’s RED CARPET PREMIERE of LITTLE ACCIDENTS by clicking below

Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 2.27.08 PM

Read more about the RED CARPET PREMIERE by clicking HERE


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