It’s the Most Wonderful Day of the Year!

DSC_0175To most, today is just another day.

To our family, it’s a day that strengthens our spirits, renews our hope and energizes our passion for creating a better world for Beau & Bitty.

In this big world we live in, being the parents of children with special needs can sometimes feel very lonely – but not today.

Today is Spread the Word to End the Word Day – a day when people pledge to show respect through their words & actions by taking the pledge to not use the r-word. It’s no secret that our language affects our attitudes and when someone uses the r-word it’s both dehumanizing and hurtful to those living with an intellectual disability and those of us that love them.  With each pledge that is made to end the r-word, our world becomes a little more accepting and inclusive of people with intellectual disabilities – which is exactly why today doesn’t feel so lonely.




Today, as I watch Beau & Bitty’s teachers proudly wear their t-shirts to school or see the stream of people sharing our video on Facebook or witness hearts changing as students sign a banner at our girl’s high school, I feel part of a community that accepts and values our family exactly as we are.

 As advocates for our children, we oftentimes feel like we’re swimming upstream, but today, it feels like there’s a strong undercurrent that’s carrying us along.

Our heartfelt thanks to all that have and continue to support us.