Amy & Ben Wright are the proud parents of four children. Their two youngest, Beau, age 10, and Bitty, age 5, both have Down Syndrome. Since their arrival, they have made it their mission to advocate for the rights of people with intellectual disabilities and to help spread a message of inclusion and acceptance.


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  1. I am overwhelmed by your mission and would love to get the music for “It Starts With A Voice” That song is so beautiful and I would love to have my husband sing it in our church. We have a grandson with special needs whom we adore! Thank you for your love for those with intellectual disabilities.

  2. you are the most inspiring family. I have a son with down syndrome, who has been so inspiring
    to me. he is now 27, and he is amazing. he lives in his own apartment , has a dog and works at a rehab center 4 days a week. he is just great with people and with his sister who is older than him, but they are very close.

  3. Great work, all. Heartening message and a beautiful family! Proud of what you both created. If this is Ben or Amy, I’m John Scott from the old Broadway days. Would love to connect with you at some point.

  4. Hi,
    Just discovered your site and I love it! You are clearly a family that enJOYS life which is indeed a blessing. I am preparing a presentation to local schools on inclusion and would love to find the lyrics to the song on the video with Lauren Potter -Be The One. I think it is a great video. Hope you can help. Thanks for sharing your family with us and for your passion

  5. Hi,
    My son and I love your song and video. He is 16 and has been asked to lead the music for our Easter service. He had hoped to include the song as part of the service. Is there any way we could get sheet music or chords to help him out? We would be able to pay for fair use, or make a contribution to the charity, or whatever else you think would be fair. Please let us know if this is possible.
    Thanks so much for the work you do!

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